Reuters Reports EC Has Criticized Proposals Made By German States

According to international news agency, Reuters, the European Commission (EC) has criticized the revised proposals for a new treaty on online gambling that were made by 15 states in Germany.  Based on what Reuters has seen from an unreleased letter by the EC regarding the matter, the EC has said that it requires proof that the planned restrictions made by the German States were justified.

The unpublished letter states that the EC said it welcomes the changes the 15 states have made regarding certain parts of the online gambling treaty, such as the number of licenses that would allow businesses to conduct lucrative operations and stake sizes.  However, the EC does not have the necesary information to properly evaluate how viable the proposed system would be.

Based on these details and others, the European Commission has said it could act against the proposals if after the law is implemented it is found to unjustifiably limit a European gambling operator’s freedom to offer services or restricts competition. 

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