Mega Fortune Jackpot hit by Helsinki player

A very fortunate player from Helsinki has hit a huge jackpot on the 18th of January, worth 6.9 million euro, while he was playing Mega Fortune slot game.

According to the statements, this extremely lucky player aged 29, has won this amazing prize in the morning, while he was enjoying the game.

The lucky winner stated that he had won the prize early in the morning right before going to sleep. After he had waken up he checked his casino account to make sure that the amount is still there.

As per statement of the head of press and public relations at Paf, Anders Sims, this winning is a great thing for Paf as well, as for the winner. This is a proof which shows that Paf can also offer huge prizes and change lives with their thrilling jackpots.

Furthermore Sims added that it is Paf's responsibility as a gaming company to offer support for its players and to make sure that they receive financial guidance.

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