Bodog Announces Addition to Team

Jay Tan has been added to the Bodog team of professional players.

A trilingual former banker from Los Angeles has joined the Team Bodog squad of sponsored professional players. Jay Tan, who recently placed second in a Red Dragon event at the Macau Poker club, is based in Hong Kong and is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

That, along with her poker skills, made Bodog snap her up for their online team.

“Bodog88 understands the Asian market” said Tan. “The Bodog Poker Network’s poker product is really wild- the anonymous tables have caused a lot of controversy but Asians will love it. They are new to the game and don’t want to be beaten by players using their own playing data against them.”

“We believe the Bodog Poker Network version we have will be more popular than conventional European poker rooms,” said Bodog Poker Netwiork's Vice President Jonas Odman.

“With Jay as the face of the brand we can take things a step further as she is a trusted and likeable ambassador for us. She can also play a mean game of poker.”

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