Flash version software launched by EU Casino

Recently, EU Casino has released a new Flash version of its online gaming software, allowing players to access its games directly from the internet browser's window, without having to make any downloads.

The new version is practically an extension of the casino's offerings, pleasing also the Mac users who love online games.

The casino managed to keep the same look and gaming experience with this Flash version, as with the download version.

As per opinion of EU Casino Marketing Chief, Vikki Stewart, Flash application is suitable for all kinds of players, in places where downloads are restricted or there's not enough time for it, like office or holidays.

Besides that, Mac users have the chance to enjoy EU Casino's games for the first time. They just need to click the instant play button to play the games in full screen mode.

As per further statements from Stewart, it took a while until they developed the Flash application, in order to get the quality right. This version is expected to attract 40% more players.

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